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Monday, August 24, 2009

Clue - Discover The Secrets

I've been playing Clue - Discover The Secrets online today. This computer game is different from the board game that I know and love. Anyway I had fun, although Cornel Mustard is no longer a cornel, Professor Plum isn't a professor, and Mrs. White isn't a maid. The weapons and the rooms are different as well. They seem to want to appeal to the "hip" generation, by having the characters be more modern.

Here is review of Clue - Discover The Secrets:

Here is a complete list of all of the weapons, rooms, and suspects in the new version.


Jack Mustard

Once the most sought after celebrity football player, age has finally caught up to him; now a sports announcer relying on his failing good looks and popularity. His stories are larger than life but how much longer will his fame last? He will not resign himself to becoming an unknown.

Diane White

Living in the shadow of her childhood acting fame she is constantly reminding others of her past success, White has found it difficult to move on. She tries hard not to take others' lack of appreciation personally and she'll be the first to tell you "My day will come, one way or the other."

Victor Plum

A self-made video-game design billionaire, that moved out of the dingy basement and into a life of luxury. Now part of the "In Crowd," he questions his new friends' intentions. But hey, let's face it, attention is good no matter where it's coming from… and he's going to make the most of it while it lasts.

Eleanor Peacock

Coming from a wealthy family of politicians, she's known to raise money for any cause as long as she is in the spotlight. She appears calm, cool and collected at all times - ordering her assistants to do her dirty work. She is very concerned with proper behavior...Forgetting to put your napkin in your lap at one of her dinner parties could be a "deadly" mistake.

Kasandra Scarlet

She is at the center of every social event and is the hottest star on the movie scene. She has the attention of all the celebrity magazines. Her biggest fear is that the press will uncover the shady things she did to claw her way to the top.

Jacob Green

Need help with connections, getting noticed, getting ahead... Green is the man on the scene with all the ins; although nobody is really sure how he gets it all done. But keep in mind, nothing comes for free and you can be sure that someday you'll get a call from him cashing in on all those favors.



Razor-sharp and deadly in the wrong hands.


Ornate, dramatic, and very heavy. When hefted in anger, who knows what it could do.


No one will hear a thing with the silencer attached.


Easy to administer and difficult to trace. Could this be the weapon of choice.


Lots of sharp corners are able to do damage on this commemorative piece.


As easy to hide as it is to use.


Not subtle, but brutally effective.


Exorcising demons wasn't part of the plan when this was made...



Walk through an incredible hall, perfect for welcoming guests to a deadly party.

Dining Room

Dine in a banquet-size dining room, perfect for hosting the likes of Plum, Mustard, Peacock, Scarlet, White, and Green.


Eat in a state-of-the-art kitchen with a mysterious secret passage.


Lounge in a spacious patio complete with luxurious chaise sun chairs.


Gaze at the stars in the observatory full of leather bond books.


Enjoy a movie in the 20-seat projection-style movie theater.

Living Room

When you're ready to get away from flashing cameras


Swim in a hot tub big enough for the entire party in the spa.

Guest House

Crash in luxury in a beautifully appointed guest house.

By the way, if you want to play the Clue - Discover the Secrets online, click here.


  1. This game was really interesting. We had to play it in my Creative Writing class so that we could write a first person story of what happened during the gameplay from the eyes of our character. It's definately a new face for the classic.

  2. I wish I could see the movie again, but here in Puerto Rico it is really hard to find. Anyway Cool game.

  3. how do you play this game?

  4. you have to set up the board place the characters on there squares roll the dice if you roll enough to go in a room you go in the room (if wanted) start a roumor and the person 2 Ur left shows u a card if they have the roumor



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