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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Clue Through the Ages

Look at zis lovely image of Clue ze Board Game as it originally came out in 1949. And look at ze suspects and ze veapons. Zey changed very much, did zey not!

How about zis picture of ze
cover as it appeared in ze 1956 version. Ze suspect and veapon cards look ze same.

Vhat do you zink of zis? It seems zat ze 1963 version of Clue is more cartoon-like. Zis version is rather rare. I did, 'owever, manage to get an image of all of ze suspects. Finding ze weapons was harder. I didn't recover any.

Zese are just some of ze early games. I hope to post more.

Also for a more complete collectors site, visit http://www.theartofmurder.com/

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