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Monday, August 17, 2009

Clue Cast

Clue the Movie is wonderful. No matter ho w many times you watch it, you find it as the comedy as hilarious as the first time you saw it.
It stars:

Eileen Brennan
Mrs. Peacock

Madeline Kahn
Mrs. White

Christopher Lloyd
Professor Plum

Michael McKean
Mr. Green

Martin Mull
Colonel Mustard

Tim Curry
Wadsworth - The Butler

Lesley Ann Warren
Mrs. Scarlet

Lee Ving
Mr. Boddy
Colleen Camp
Yvette - The Maid

Kellye Nakahara
Mrs. Ho - The Cook
Bill Henderson
The Cop
Jeffrey Kramer
The Motorist

Howard Hesseman
The Chief
Jane Wiedlin
The Singing Telegram Girl

There are many different reviews on this movie. Some find the movie to funny for them and are annoyed by the fact that the crime isn't possible to solve just based on the evidence given (this is because there are three different endings.) However, the cast is very talented and, although it is hard to follow, watching it is exciting and fun.

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