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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clue Trivia Challenge #1 : Answer

Time for the answer to Clue Trivia challenge #1. To review:
The question was:

Only one of the three multiple endings is possible. Which ending is that?

Most votes voted for: Ending A (Scarlet)

Were you right? Yes. Ending A (Scarlet) was the correct answer. There is a small flaw in the peacock ending. Supposedly, Mrs. Peacock was the one who turned off the electricity. Yet the camera shows her in dark,in the basement beating up a pipe with her handbag. This meant that she would have had to run upstairs, turn off the elctricity, run back downstairs, run back upstairs, and commited three murders. This would be completely pointless and it would accomplish nothing. It wouldn't make any sense.

There is a much more well-known flaw involving Ending C (Everyone). While Yvette runs downstairs to meet her killer, Mrs. White screams from upstairs. yet it was supposedly Mrs. White who killed Yvette. Mrs. White shouldn't have arrived in the room before Yvette.

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